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Medpej was founded in 1999 by the brothers and associates Mr. Wagner Rocha and Mr. Walmir Rocha. The company started its tragetory with bold technical and stategic initiatives in order to conquer their space in the nacional Market. One of them was begin its activities at the 6th Edition of the Hospital Fair, when were discovered its first contact with clients, distribuitors and providers.
Through its tough work, honesty, reliability and the quality of their products, the company has shown significant growth. With more than 30 items in the portfolio, Medpej has been serving its costumers and achieving their space in the internacional market.


Currently we manufacture several models of Colposcopes, Videocolposcopes, Negatoscopes, Fetal Detectors, Cardiotocographs, Electrical Chairs, Clinical and Surgical Spotlights (ceiling, auxiliar and wall) with LED tech, Owls, Vacuum Cleaners, Micro Cameras, Autoclaves, Side Tables, Veterinay Surgical Tables and the Ultrasound line (also veterinary). In the software area, it was developed, by our engineers team, the Image Capture system, PC 2000 MEDPEJ.


Our tech is cutting-edge, we use the most recent market resources, ensuring efficiency and an unequaled experience.

Specialty of MEDPEJ

Our specialty is to produce and manufacture the better way. Our products rely on great designs and effectiveness.

Top leaders

Medpej is at a high level ranking related to sales, quality and market positioning.


We never stop. It is our duty to keep ourselves updates about news that cience and technology proposes to us, and we are always alert to provide the best.


Currently the company possesses a high number of suppliers and representatives, we affectionately dedicate ourselves to these relationships and we Always maintain a good corporate character.

Certified Products

Our products possesses guarantee certificates o four services and quality in relation to health and also to environment, such as BPF, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Develop, produce and comercialize products of high quality, contribute to the improvement of life quality of our consumers and preserve the environment.



Be known as an industry of the medical-hospital segment that searches for the innovation and quality of its products, business processes and people management.



Respect; Quality; Transparency; Valuation of employees; Value generation; Continuous improvement.

Our greatest certificates

In a structured and sistematic way, Medpej has achieved excellent results by means of a set of factors such as: involvement of leaders, compromise and constant development of the contributors, suppliers commitment, partners and others envolved in the business processes, of the search of new technologies and the development of new projects. We always put the expectations of our costumers as the central point of our performance, and that has contributed to our success, which is measured by their satisfaction when using our products and services.